Adjustment Techniques:

manipulation to the spine

Many techniques of Spinal Manipulation include: Toggle Drop – this is when the chiropractor, crosses his or her hands and pushes down on the subluxated part of the spine. Using a rapid and swift thrust the spine aligns the vertebrates back into place. Another technique that a Chiropractor may use is called “Motion Palpation” and is a hands on procedure to determine the severity of your subluxation; seeing if your vertebra are moving freely or if they stuck in an out of placed location. The Lumbar Roll is a very effective Chiropractic technique that is used to place the patient on his or her side. Then rapidly uses a swift thrust to the misalignment of vertebrates to pop them back into alignment with the spine. A soothing technique that maybe also be used in Massage therapy is called “Release Work.” This is when the Chiropractor takes his or her hands and applies a very subtle pressure with his or her fingertips to the subluxated part of the spine. Using the gentle pressure to push the vertebrates back into place. A Chiropractor may also use for your first adjustment as well is a Table adjustment. A table adjustment is when a patient lies down on a special table with a drop piece. Then with rapid speed as well as a swift thrust at the same time the table is dropping to pop the misaligned vertebrae back into its correct position of the spine. If your mid back, lower back, or neck are in severe pain instrument adjustments may be considered for treatment. This adjustment is the most gentle back adjustment method out of all of them. This is when a patient lies down face into the table. A chiropractor then uses a string loaded instrument to adjust the spine. Lastly the final technique that maybe used if all other methods are not working on a patient is manipulation done under anesthesia. A certified Chiropractor in a hospital setting may use this technique if a patient’s spine is not adjusting correctly with all other traditional adjusting techniques.

(Short Video of Spinal Manipulation Treatment)

Long term goals :

The main goal of going to a Chiropractic clinic consist of a patient restoring independence, developing muscle to cope with daily activities, and only having to go once a month for a simple adjustment or none at all. The main focus is to get the patient fixed as soon as possible. Through the sessions and adjustments done by the Patients should feel 40-80% pain relief within the first couple of adjustments. This is not to say a long term plan is not wise to think about. It will take time to plan out a course of action with the patient that may consist of a nutritional diet, better ways of lifting, stretching routine, back stretches, flexibility exercises, muscle stretching, aerobic exercises, and strength training.