Treatments used for Natural Healing:

According to Wikipedia, there are many effective types of chiropractic treatments and techniques.  This page shares some information about some of the most common and effective therapies used by chiropractors including:

Ultrasound Chiropractic technique:

Ultrasounds are used during a patient’s session with sound waves being sent to deep tissue in order to heat and relax the tissue. This technique is used in order to maximize stimulation and to minimize muscle pain and movement. Ultrasound therapy main goals are to reduce stress, stiffness, swelling, pain, increase blood flow, and ultimately create pain free movement for the patient. This ultrasound treatment is ideal for patients following and that are starting rehabilitation for work injuries, auto accidents, and post-surgery operations. Therapeutic ultrasound may be used alone by itself, but is not uncommon to be used during a massage therapy session, stretching, or gentle chiropractic adjustments. Ultrasound therapy and ultrasound treatment are one of the more relaxing adjustments used when going to the Chiropractor, and is why more patients enjoy the natural pain relief.

Ultrasound Treatment:

The first step will be to expose the area of skin that they will be treating. The Chiropractor will then place some conduction gel onto the area of skin. Turn on the ultrasound conduction device and will begin the ultrasound treatment. After the ultrasound treatment is complete; the doctor will wipe off the conduction gel. Following the ultrasound treatment the Chiropractor may give a gentle adjustment, help stretch your joints, or massage the area that was treated.



Electrical stimulation, or electrotherapy, is used for patients experiencing chronic pain. Electrotherapy is best used following an injury. Electrical Stimulation is when small electrical currents are sent to nerve fibers in order to stimulate them. When a Chiropractor is performing electrotherapy on a patient the electrical currents may release endorphins during the therapy and help give a patient a natural pain killer affect. Electrotherapy devices consist of pads being place on the patient’s skin and turning on the device to power the pads and to create the stimulation. Electrical stimulation is used during the early stages of pain management and have been linked to heart therapy, cold therapy, and manipulations to help during a adjustment.

Electrotherapy Treatment:

Electrical Stimulation is not a painful form of treatment used by a Chiropractor. A patient may feel a stinging sensation following the electrotherapy session, but is manageable. A doctor will judge how much to stimulate the area in need for therapy. The muscle stimulator devices used during the treatment have settings of how much electrical current/frequency to give to a patient. The forms of frequency are TENS, IFC, PENS, and GS. TENS, Transcutaneous electrical stimulation, is a gentler frequency and may be used at the doctors office or may be instructed to be used at home.  PENS, percutaneous electrical stimulation, are a newer form used for electrotherapy. PENS uses thin acupuncture needles and is more painful, but gives a patient a longer time of pain relief. IFC, interferential current, is a deeper and stronger form of TENS and is used to stimulate the area of pain more in order to target deeper sources of pain. GS, galvanic stimulation, this type of electrotherapy gives a more direct current to the area of pain. This type of therapy is used for patients that have lower back pain, back spasms, or have had major trauma recently. The direct current helps with blood circulation and will give a patient reduce swelling and increase blood circulation to promote a patient’s health.


Therapeutic Massage Therapy:

Therapeutic massages goal is to increase blood circulation throughout the patient’s body in attempt to give the patient a more healthy life. During a therapeutic massage or deep tissue therapy the doctor will attempt to massage the area of pain in order to collect the waste build up in the area and increase circulation to remove the waste. Massage therapy treatment is also used to relieve pain, stiffness, and improve flexibility. Poor blood circulation can be the problem with all the pain that a patient is experiencing in their lives. With increased blood circulation through massage therapy the goal is for the blood to carry more oxygen and nutrients to the area of pain. Lack of oxygen and nutrients to an area of the body could be caused by inactivity or very vigorous exercising. With the lack of circulation, oxygen, and nutrients a patient will have stiffness, spasms, and fluid retention.

Massage Therapy Treatment:

The first step of this treatment is by exposing the area of skin that is in pain. The alternative medicine doctor will then use their hands, fingers, and elbow to help stimulate blood circulation. Oil and lotions may also be used to help with smooth gliding strokes. There are various techniques that a Chiropractor may use during your massage therapy treatment. Following treatment it would beneficial for a patient to exercise and stretch to maintain blood circulation.


Kinesio Taping Method:

Kinesio taping method is a rehabilitative technique that is used to help the body with its healing process and giving support to muscles and joints. A Chiropractor may use Kinesio Taping to help with soft tissue manipulation as well as manual therapy. Kinesio Taping is used for a wide range of conditions including orthopedic, neuromuscular, neurological and other medical conditions. Kinesio taping helps relieve pain and lifting the skin on a microscopically level in order to promote lymphatic drainage. The lifting of the skin helps with de-inflammation and helps with increased blood circulation.


kinesio taping shoulder

Kinesio Taping Treatment:

Kinesio Taping treatment is more for patients in rehabilitation, chronic pain, and for being used in preventative measures. The doctor will do a series of test to determine is Kinesio Taping is the best method for your health and wellness. Some tests performed on the patient to see if Kinesio Taping is the best solution for the problem are manual muscle testing, range of motion testing, gait assessment, and any other orthopedic special tests. Test may find some underlying problems first that he or she may have to correct first before Kinesio Taping. After testing and treating the underlying problems of the patient the doctor will Kinesio Tex Tape the area on the patient in attempt to increase blood flow, remove waste, and give natural pain relief.


Physiotherapy Exercise:

Chiropractors and Physiotherapist use Physiotherapy to help diagnosis, treat, prevent disease, and disability through physical means. Chiropractor’s main goal of Physiotherapy is to work with their patients in overcoming movement disorders which may have come by auto-accidents, injury at the workplace, or from again. Other symptoms treated with Physiotherapy are stiffness, reliving pain naturally, and increasing mobility.

Physiotherapy Treatment:

Physiotherapist will begin by assessing your current condition, diagnose the problem, and explain to the patient what they think the problem is. A Physiotherapist will them take into account the information they have collected and makeup a treatment plain based on your lifestyle, activities, and general health. The Physiotherapist will go over the treatment plan with the patient. Some of the treatment used by the Physiotherapist may be:

  • exercise programs to help improve mobility
  • strengthen muscles
  • joint manipulation
  • reduce pain and stiffness through adjustments
  • muscle re-education to improve control
  • breathing exercises
  • therapeutic massage for soft tissue
  • acupuncture
  • hydrotherapy


Graston Therapy Technique:

This form of manual therapy known as the “Graston Therapy Technique” in order to help break down scar tissue, reduce stretching restrictions, and give natural pain relief to the patient. This technique is to help the Chiropractor find the areas of restriction and to help break up scar tissue. The main focus when using the Graston Therapy technique is to break down scar tissue that is usually related with soft tissue trauma. The Graston technique is also used to rearrange the soft tissue in order to prevent restrictions of stretching. Lastly the Graston Therapy is used to improve overall health and wellness to the soft tissue.

(Video showing natural pain relief through Graston therapy)

There are two techniques that may be used when applying the Graston Therapy treatment; The Graston Technique Tools and The Graston Technique Massage. When performing the Graston technique with tools he or she will use 6 core tools to perform the adjustment. These tools are round edge tools that are used to scan over the patient’s body to find injured soft tissue. The Chiropractor will then perform the adjustment using one of the tools used in scanning for the injured soft tissue. The Graston massage therapy treatment is when the naturopathic doctor uses a cross friction massage which involves brushing and rubbing against the injured soft tissue. This technique may be more pain and may cause temporarily swelling to the injured soft tissue area. This will then have the body of the patient start circulating more blood to the injured area and patients will start experiencing natural pain relief.