Is Chiropractic Care Safe While Pregnant?

Chiropractors use their spinal manipulations techniques, aka spinal adjustments, to promote health and wellness to a patient’s body. All Chiropractors have been trained to treat women during pregnancy. Training to help with fertility and pregnancy wellness is also a big core that is required and doctors must learn. Specific Chiropractic training may be pursued by some Chiropractors to treat prenatal and postnatal care.Many women feel that an adjustment to their back will some how affect the baby’s health. Treatment while pregnant can actually help with the baby’s location for labor. The “Webster” technique is used to establish balance to a women’s pelvis during pregnancy. The pelvis goes under a lot of stress and may cause the fetus to shift while in the womb. Using this treatment will take stress off the uterus and ligaments supporting the pelvis. There are no known complications when getting a adjustment while pregnant.

adjustment care for pregnancy

Changes to a woman’s body and spine during pregnancy:

The body goes through strenuous physical and emotional changes during pregnancy. This is why care during pregnancy is essential for a healthy labor. The three most serious physical changes that can occur to a woman’s body are:

Pelvic changes: your pelvis may become misaligned due to your body expanding to make room for the child. The misaligned pelvis could put the baby in an awkward position for delivery and could pose a problem during labor

Postural adaptations: With months of bad posture due to a misaligned spine can cause a mother to go from having a natural birth to a C-section.

(Short Video showing: Treatment While Pregnant)

Benefits of Natural Care during Pregnancy

Improve blood circulation
Manage symptoms of nausea: vomiting, headaches, dizziness, light headedness, and diarrhea.
Relieving mid back pain, lower back pain, abdominal pain, sore joints, and neck pain.
Reducing time of labor and delivery. With alternative medicine helping with prenatal  symptoms this has been a more popular solution for women during their trimesters.